Cleanup, Rags & Absorbents

Did you know that using the most appropriate rag for your wiping application, saves time and money?
Find out more about the recommended rag for your specific application below!

Soft, absorbent color knits and T-shirt material; perfect for polishing and shining. Also offers great value for all grease and oil applications. Hides grime and lasts longer.

Soft and absorbent knit and T-shirt material shows what is being wiped and won’t “bleed” colors in solvent or stain applications.

Towels that are perfect for janitorial use and in the automobile trade. 100% terry with hemmed edges. Durable and absorbent.

Fred Rader Mill Supply currently stocks white, colored T-shirt, and new Turkish terry rags. Other textures and sizes of cloth (specialty wipers) which may provide the best absorbency, strength, consistency for your specific application are available through our vendor. Click the next, (other) tab for more information!

Sweatshirt, Flannel, Curdory and Blended material rags, napkins, kitchen, surgical towels and more are also available! Contact us for information! At Fred Rader, we work hard to assure that our inventory is customized to suit your convenience! We save customers time and effort while extending excellent and fair prices! Please see our vendor link here for information on all available wiping cloths!

Recycled White T-Shirt Material


5lb White Knit T-Shirt Rags (Bale)   $115.00

New White Turkish Rags


20lb New White Turkish Rags (Bale)    $55.00

Recycled Colored T-shirt Material


25lb Colored Knit T-Shirt Rags (Bale)    $29.00


50lb Colored Knit T-Shirt Rags (Bale)    $49.00

Granular Absorbents


Solid-A-Sorb, Fine DE, 25lb Absorbent    $19.50

Fine diatomaceous earth absorbent


20lb Spill Master Universal Absorbent for 2.75cuft   $26.00

Spill Kits & Absorbent Pads


5Gal Universal Spill Kit (10 Univ Pads, 2 Socks, Gloves, Goggles & Disposal Bag)



30Gal Universal Spill Kit (Univ Pads, Socks, Gloves, Goggles, Pillows, Handbook & Disposal Bag)



Absorbent Pad, 15″x18″ White, Oil Only 100/bale $49.00


Heavy Weight Absorbent Pad, 15″x18″ Gray, Universal 100/bale $58.00

  • Super absorbent
  • Will soak up everything from water to fryer grease
  • Great for kitchen or work spills
  •  Prevent water damage to underlying substrate during roof or a/c leaks
  • Convenient for absorbing hazardous liquid in areas where liquid pools
  • Excellent choice for restaurant / kitchen applications
  • Heavy Duty – greater absorbency and longer lasting
  • Also available in rolls


Roll Absorbents


Absorbent Roll, 30″x300′ Perforated Universal Gray $209.00


34″x100′ Universal SIP (Stay-in-Place) Sorbent Roll

  • Use in high-traffic areas
  • Stays in place, keeps floor/carpet clean
  • Absorbs dirt, grime and liquid
  • Increases safety



8’x10′ Oil Only Boom, 4/bale  $165.00



34″x100′ Universal Stay In Place Sorbent Roll $279.00


Universal Sock, 3″ x 8′, 20 Socks / Case $185.00