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ViO35-6A | Fred Rader Hawaii

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ViO17-A    New ViO17-A Excavator w/ Canopy & Rubber Tracks 14.5hp (3,836 lbs)

ViO25-6A  New ViO25-6A Excavator w/ Canopy & Rubber Tracks, 20.4hp (5,919 lbs)

ViO35-6A  New ViO35-6A Excavator w/ Canopy & Rubber Tracks, 24.4hp (7,905 lbs)

ViO50-6A  New ViO50-6A Excavator w/ Canopy & Rubber Tracks, 39hp (10,417 lbs)

ViO55-6A  New ViO55-6A Excavator w/ Canopy & Rubber Tracks, 47.6hp (11,850 lbs)

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ViO35 – ViO55 Compact Excavator:

The most advanced excavator ever made by Yanmar.

The advanced technology zero tail swing ViO35-6A features an electronically controlled Tier 4 engine that meets emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter. It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency, which means the new ViO35-6A can now deliver up to 20% less fuel consumption than previous models. The YANMAR ViO35-6A is the most productive digging, lifting, do-anything excavator you can buy.